Online Sports Betting at Bally Bet

The world of online sports betting is a fascinating one. The sheer volume and variety of wagers, the frequency of games, and the granularity of statistics all make betting on sports a thrilling experience for every kind of fan.

And while the excitement is no doubt infectious, with so much going on it can be quite a daunting task getting started. With our sports betting guides, you can cut through the noise to get the vital information you need to make your first bet.

Flick through the various betting guides you’ll find on offer here and you’ll be a sports betting scholar in no time.

How to Bet on Sports Online

Completely new to the world of sports betting? Start here. Our How to Bet on Sports guide gets you up to speed with all the basics, covering the most popular types of bets and how they work, which sports tend to appeal most to bettors, how odds get decided, and much more. Prepare to be enlightened!

What Sports Can I Bet On?

Now that you’re clued up on the fundamentals of sports betting - or perhaps you already were - it's time to see how everything comes together in a game.

Check out the specific sport and league betting guides we’ve written – they come with explanations of betting options in the context of the sport, and you’ll find pertinent tips and advice to bear in mind when filling out your next bet slip.

You may think you know all there is to know about betting on a football game or proposition bets in the NHL, but if the athletes are always trying to improve their game, it might not be a bad idea for you to do the same.

Here are the guides for just some of the sports you can place wagers on with us:


It’s the most popular sport in North America, and the one that gives us the Super Bowl – the most-watched sporting event in the United States and Canada by far.

Football has captivated millions since the 1920s, but it was the merger between the National Football League and the American Football League in 1966 that gave us the NFL as we know it today.

Dozens try, but only two teams can be crowned champions of the AFC and NFC Conferences. They go on to contest the Super Bowl, and you can have your say as to who will make it to Super Sunday thanks to our futures and individual game betting lines.

Bet on who you think will win the game (moneyline), which team will clear their spread, and how many points will be scored (totals), among many other options, right here.

Your love of football might extend north to the Canadian Football League (CFL), which we also have covered with a comprehensive range of betting markets.

Don’t sleep on college football either. Many of the NFL stars of tomorrow will cut their teeth in the ultra-competitive NCAA tournament, and you can wager on the best of the action if college football betting is legal in your state.


With hundreds of games played each season, culminating in the edge-of-the-seat excitement of the playoffs, basketball remains one of the most popular sports to wager on here at Bally Bet.

At the top of the tree is the NBA, the playground of all-time legends and modern-day greats. Who will win the Eastern and Western Conferences? Who will reach the NBA Finals? And who will lift the coveted Larry O’Brien Trophy?

Those are just some of the NBA futures you can wager on with us, and there are literally dozens of game-by-game lines to explore, too: moneyline, spreads, totals, quarter/half betting, team and player props, and many, many more.

You might prefer the excitement of college basketball – and why not, given that the next generation of NBA talent is to be found here. NCAA basketball betting is legal in a number of states where we operate, so come and join us and make your predictions today.

The WNBA is also rapidly increasing in popularity with every passing season, too. You can place your bets on the women’s game with us as well, whether that’s through our website or by downloading our free sportsbook app.


Whether you want to keep it simple with a moneyline wager or two, or take a deep dive into props like home runs and stolen bases, baseball is a great sport to bet on for casual fans and statisticians alike.

Major League Baseball is the cream of the crop, with hundreds of games played each season. There are comprehensive wins for the favorite, and underdogs raising their game to win against the spread, every single week of the campaign.

The MLB is blessed with a plethora of stats and data points for each team and player, which you can use this information to help inform your bets. You could be wagering on the run line, the total number of runs to be scored, or on the huge array of props that Bally Bet offers, such as RBIs, total hits, runs per inning, and player actions. These are just some of the options at your disposal.

If the MLB and World Series aren’t your bag, how about college baseball? Here at Bally Bet, we cover the NCAA tournament in great detail, providing stacks of betting options per game, as well as futures lines for both the regular season and the playoffs.

Ice Hockey

One of the fastest sports on the planet, ice hockey appeals to those with a love for the most high-octane of sporting drama.

You’ve heard of moneyline bets, but what about the puck line? This is one of the most popular betting options for NHL and AHL games, which are the premier competitions in world hockey.

The NHL brings together the best hockey franchises in the United States and Canada, who battle it out for one glittering prize – the Stanley Cup, the oldest trophy in North American team sports.

You can have your say by betting on all key events in an NHL game. Bet on who you think will win the moneyline, try to predict the winning margin of the favorite, or wager on whether the underdog will outperform expectations and clear their puck line.

There’s opportunity to wager on the total goals scored in a game too, and that’s in addition to the stack of team and player props, like goals, assists, points, total shots, and so on.

Many of these bet types are also available for AHL games. The American Hockey League is the small, but perfectly formed, development competition for the NHL, bringing together young stars of the future and those looking for a second shot at the big time.


The FIFA World Cup is perhaps the most-watched sporting event on the planet, and that’s just one of a number of international soccer tournaments you can wager on here at Bally Bet.

If you prefer the weekly thrills and spills of club soccer, you’ll find a mammoth A-Z of competitions catered for. In North America, Major League Soccer (MLS) remains the pinnacle of the beautiful game, with more than 25 franchises from the United States and Canada trying to earn their place in the MLS Cup final.

Overseas, there are many popular leagues to watch and wager on. The English Premier League (EPL) is one of the top picks, with world-famous teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United battling it out for domestic dominance.

Equally beloved is the Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, and French Ligue 1, while the best teams across Europe convene in the UEFA Champions League each season.


It’s true to say that most of the popular sports to bet on are contested by teams of players, but there are plenty of opportunities to be had when wagering on individual sports like golf, too.

Golf is a year-round sport, which helps to explain why more than $4 billion is wagered upon it each season. The PGA Tour and LIV Golf are the two premier organizations, with the rival companies coming together for the sport’s four majors.

The Masters is arguably the pinnacle of the lot, played at the iconic Augusta National. All of the greats of the game have slipped into the famous Green Jacket at one time or another.

The U.S. Open and the PGA Championship are the meat in the major sandwich, before the quartet concludes with the British Open each summer.

There’s the LPGA Tour, too, where the best women’s players are pitted against one another, as well as a huge number of minor tours to bet on.

You can wager on who you think will win a tournament, as well as specific lines for top 10/20/30/40 finishes on the leaderboard. There are head-to-head matchups, 2-balls and 3-balls, first round leader, and even top nationality categories to bet on.


Tennis is a truly unique sport to bet on. It’s played on three different surfaces, each of which offers advantages to certain types of players.

So, we might label tennis betting the choice of those who are willing to do their research, adding as much context to their wagers by studying things like form and head-to-head records. But even so, there’s plenty for casual fans of the sport to enjoy, too.

You certainly won’t be lacking in chances to strike a bet or two, with the ATP and WTA tours running throughout the calendar year. And you can wager on them right here at Bally Bet, where we provide odds for the hard court, clay, and grass court campaigns.

The Grand Slams are where imaginations are truly sparked, starting with the Australian Open each January and the French Open every May/June.

Wimbledon has a special place in the tennis majors – it’s the only Grand Slam event played on grass courts, and it’s been that way since back in 1877. The faster surface tends to benefit the biggest servers and the best movers.

The Grand Slam calendar is rounded out by the U.S. Open in Queens every August/September – a fitting way to end the major season.


The build-up and anticipation that boxing provides are unmatched, which explains why it’s so popular around the world.

At Bally Bet, you can conveniently place bets on the biggest boxing bouts and find odds and markets for professional and amateur boxing.

Like with the other sports we have available, you can expect to encounter an extensive range of betting markets, whether heavyweight, cruiserweight, lightweight, or other weight categories in betting. Moneyline, total rounds, methods of victory, and round betting are some popular boxing options you may fancy when you need to back a boxer.

Whether you intend to grab a ticket to watch the next Anthony Joshua bout or see the game in the comfort of your home, we’re certain that you can get involved.

Many more events are scheduled for the year, and these include fights happening in the U.S. and those across the globe. Saudi Arabia, for example, has recently become a boxing hub, increasing the number of yearly boxing events.


With Bally Bet, you get the choose from some of the best motorsport betting options around, whether you're making a wager on NASCAR or Formula 1.

If you have your eye on another race, like the Indy 500, we've got you covered, too. It's up to you to decide which of the markets suits your choice of event. Regardless, markets like race winner, top three, and the number of the winning car are just a few of the popular ones you'll find here at Bally Bet.

If you prefer real-time fun, our live betting markets will more than satisfy you. With live statistics and visualizations updating as the drivers complete the laps, our platform and is features mean you’ll be fully equipped from green light to last lap.

We give you all the resources you need for your betting experience, and the best part is that races are available throughout the year, so you can always find an event to test your betting skills.


The eSports industry is only going from strength to strength, so don’t get left behind. Offering something a bit different from the regular sports, eSports let the best players from across the globe test their video game abilities against one another, and you can get involved by wagering on who you think will come out on top.

Millions of viewers regularly watch their favorite athletes through live streaming services such as YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, and Twitch T.V. Join us for an action-packed experience from start to finish – we cover all the top games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Rainbow Six, and Overwatch.

The great part about these games is that they usually end much faster than games in traditional sports, so the outcome of your bets get decided much quicker.

If you’re looking to wager on eSports, you won't be short of betting options here at Bally Bet. We’ve got futures, moneyline, totals, props, and much more.

Table Tennis

Table tennis has gained a lot of attention in recent years. And deservedly so. From international competitions like the World Table Tennis Championships, Table Tennis World Cup, and Olympics to continental competitions like the European Championships and Asian Games, the sport has always got something in store for you.

With games going on round-the-clock, there’s no shortage of betting excitement, so whether you want to bet on singles or doubles for men and women, or something completely different, you can do so here.


With the popularity of cricket increasing tremendously in the U.S., there's no doubt the sport seems here to stay. This is even more evident with the introduction of Major League Cricket in 2023.

Here at Bally Bet, there are plenty of ways for cricket enthusiasts to get in on the action, and you can even follow your favorite players across top leagues like the Indian Premier League, the Pakistan Super League, and the Caribbean Premier League.

You’ll find a variety of cricket betting options to test your prediction skills, including match winner, top scorer, top wicket taker, and much more.

How to Read Odds

Understanding how odds work is vital to identifying opportunities and making smart bets.

The three most common types of betting odds are American, decimal, and fractional. If one sounds unfamiliar, worry not. Our How to Read Odds guide clarifies the differences and will clear up any questions you might have.

With helpful examples for each type of odds, you can easily work out your potential winnings and profits of your wagers.

There’s also some coverage of the math behind the odds, which is useful to know when deciding if a wager is worthwhile or not.

Where Is Online Sports Betting Legal?

You might be surprised to learn that – currently – over 30 states offer legal online sports betting in some form or other.

And Bally Bet Sportsbook is available in seven of them, with more on the way very soon. Watch this space.

Want to find out more about what’s going on in your state? Look no further than our Where Is Online Sports Betting Legal? guide.