EPL Betting at Bally Bet Sportsbook

The English Premier League (EPL) is one of the most popular soccer competitions on the planet. The likes of top clubs like Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Manchester United are locked in a perennial battle for the ultimate accolade.

There's a lot at stake during each campaign – with relegation from the EPL, clubs are demoted to the second tier of English soccer and many struggle to climb up again.

Also, clubs that stay up are eligible for an eye-watering minimum of $150 million, which translates to big-time players and more opportunities to succeed.

For those reasons, EPL betting is as exciting as it gets when placing soccer wagers, with every game important to the teams for one reason or another.

As with the NBA, NFL, and others, there’s more to soccer betting than just moneylines and spreads, so let’s take a deep dive into how to bet on the Premier League and the various markets and lines that are available to you, right here at Bally Bet.

Popular Types of EPL Bets

If you want to know how to read EPL betting lines, rest assured, they're straightforward. Positive odds are for the underdog and negative odds generally signify the favorite.

The greater the number, the more a team is favored to win, or the more likely they are to lose in the case of the underdog. But the beauty of EPL betting is that favorites lose and outsiders win regularly during the season, so finding these outliers should be your main objective when wagering on the English Premier League.

There are dozens of betting lines on offer, but we should start by looking at the three most popular:


If you want to keep things simple, moneyline is one of the best EPL bets available.

The objective is to wager on the team that you think will the game. You don't need to think about anything else like the margin of victory, because that doesn't matter in the slightest here.

A prime example of a moneyline bet could be something like backing Liverpool to win at -150 or Chelsea at +100. In this case, Liverpool is the favorite and Chelsea is the underdog. So, if you were to wager on the former and the final score was three goals for Liverpool and only two for Chelsea, you'd win.

Another outcome you can bet on with moneyline wagers is a tie, which is available if you think the two teams will finish level.


Instead of an “all or nothing” moneyline, a spread offers you a chance to back an underdog with a head start, or alternatively wager on a favorite with a handicap.

For example, you might see Liverpool -1 as a spread, or Chelsea +1. In this case, Liverpool would need to win the game by two or more goals for spread bets to land. Meanwhile Chelsea could win or tie to score a win for those backing their spread.

Your EPL spread betting should be saved for those two scenarios. If you think a team will win comfortably but feel that their moneyline odds are too short, you can back them with a negative handicap on the spread.

Alternatively, if you think that an underdog has a live chance but you don’t want to risk a moneyline wager, instead opt for the +1 goal head start. Keep in mind that other spreads will be available, too.


You may have wagered on totals lines in the NBA, NFL, and company before. If this is the case, you won't find the EPL totals market all that different.

Totals center on the number of goals predicted be scored in a game. Generally, this focuses on the over and under lines for 2.5 goals. For example, Liverpool vs Chelsea: Over 2.5 goals at -150, under 2.5 goals at +100.

There’s no such thing as a half-goal, of course. These numbers are just so that there’s no push.

Over 2.5 goals bets win if three or more goals are scored, while the under line is successful if it's two or fewer.

Books also offer lines for 0.5, 1.5, 3.5, and more goals if you want to expand your totals betting.

Both Teams to Score

This is one of the most popular EPL bets because, a) so many goals are scored in the league, and b) it’s so easy to understand! For example, both teams to score: Yes at -250, both teams to score: No at +200.

Either both teams will score or they won’t. It’s that simple.

Correct Score

There’s a stack of different final scores that you’ll see in any given EPL game week, although the variance between them is much lower than in the NBA or NFL. So, some bettors will attempt to predict how a game will finish up, taking longer odds on one selection, or "Dutching" two or more alternatives together.

For example, Liverpool to beat Chelsea 1-0 (+600), 2-0 (+700), and 2-1 (+750).

If you’re intrigued by correct score betting, it’s always worth sticking to the games that you believe will have a clear winner, where there's already an indication of a strong favorite. That tends to limit the number of likely final scores.

EPL Parlays

You can wager on the lines discussed above as single bets, or alternatively bundle them up together into one ticket known as a parlay. For example, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal all to win their games (moneyline).

The odds for each of your selections are multiplied together, creating the possibility of a larger payout should all of them win. However, it only takes one of your picks to lose for your entire parlay to be chucked out.

EPL Live Bets

Some bettors prefer to place their EPL wagers as soon as the odds are set. And it’s true that they may secure early value that way.

But when it comes to a full EPL game week, it can make sense to wait until right up to kickoff before placing your wagers. This way, you can get a full picture of team news, the conditions, and so on.

To take that to the next level, there’s EPL bet advice that suggests that waiting until the game is underway before wagering is the smartest way to go. By adopting this approach, you can watch the early action, follow the stats, and perhaps get a better idea of how a game will pan out.

As for what’s available, you can bet live on moneyline, spread, totals, player and team props, correct score, and many more EPL betting markets.

EPL Futures

As well as wagering on individual EPL games, you can also bet on season-long futures markets. For example, you might wager on Manchester City winning the EPL (-100) or Liverpool finishing in the top four (-150).

We provide lines for the EPL winner market, as well as top-four finish, top-six finish, relegation, and more. There are also player-based futures for markets like top goalscorer and top assists.

EPL Betting Tips

There’s no one single way to bet on the English Premier League, although there are some common EPL betting tips that may just help to improve the accuracy of your wagers.

You may find some hints on bet selection and money management helpful, too.

Consider the form

Although the league standings offer a wide-lens view of how the teams are performing, often the short-range form line can be a more instructive guide of the confidence of a team.

When considering that form, also use the strength of schedule for extra context. Sometimes, a tie with a high-quality team can be considered a better result than beating an opponent ranked much lower.

Research club news

We’ve already mentioned waiting for team news to be announced before placing your bets, but you can extend that further and research the latest club news as well.

Is the team’s manager under pressure? Has a key player refused to sign a new contract? Has there been a rift between two or more players?

Sometimes, the behind-the-scenes news stories can have a great impact on performances on the turf.

Analyze head-to-head records

Sometimes, the head-to-head records between two teams can be enlightening. For example, some sides may historically struggle against a particular style of play, or at a certain stadium.

But we'd suggest that you always apply a liberal pinch of salt to this kind of analysis – is there a valid reason for the head-to-head record, or is it simply a coincidence in a small sample?

Bet smart

Adopting a scattergun approach to your EPL bets is unlikely to yield positive results. Instead, why not focus on one or two bet types and keep a spreadsheet to monitor which ones prove to be the most fruitful?

The more risk-averse folk will likely stick with moneylines and spreads where their team has a head start. However, those who have gained confidence through winning some bets may be inclined to spread their wings and try more complicated types like minus spreads.

Start slowly

When you deposit into your betting account, there can occasionally be the temptation to get stuck in and place sizable EPL bets right out of the gate. But as mentioned above, taking your time to test the water can prove a sensible decision in the long run, as can managing your bankroll effectively.

Why not start out by wagering just 2% of your bankroll per bet? That way, you’ll have a minimum of 50 bets before you need to make another deposit and hopefully, there'll be some winners along the way to top up your account as well.

You can research betting strategies online – the wisdom of the crowd, betting against the public money, and so on – but the key is to find what works for you, with small stakes and bet tracking that identifies patterns of success and areas of consistent loss.

A Little EPL History

For many years – decades, in fact – the top tier of English football was given the rather unglamorous name of the First Division. But, sensing that a stronger commercial identity would reap financial rewards, several clubs got together to propose a sort of breakaway competition – the Premier League – in the early 1990s.

That motion was accepted by most within the English game, and so the first season of the Premier League (EPL) action got underway in 1992. Since then, four teams in particular – Manchester City and Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal – have dominated, winning a minimum of three EPL titles each. Liverpool, on the other hand, have lifted the trophy once but finished runner-up on a frustrating five occasions.

Despite that monopoly, there have been some impressive underdogs over the years. In 2015/16, for example, Leicester City rocked the league and countless fans around the world when they topped the table. Not bad for a team that started the season with betting odds of +500000!

Popular EPL Betting Questions

Yes, you can wager on EPL games legally across numerous states. In addition to that, Bally Bet Sportsbook is currently available in seven states: Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, New York, Ohio, and Virginia. More states are on the way soon.

A parlay bet comprises two or more selections on a single ticket. The odds are multiplied together, creating the possibility of a larger win, although the risk is that only one of them needs to lose for your entire parlay to be defeated.

The most common soccer betting terms are related to the three most popular wager types.

Moneyline requires you to predict who will win a game, spreads ask you to wager on which team you believe will beat their handicap (or win with a head start), while totals require an accurate prediction of whether there will be over or under a given goal line.

Yes, you can. Most EPL teams undertake a preseason campaign around the globe, and you’ll find odds for those games available, too.