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The PGA has been in existence since 1916, and the first PGA Championship was held at Siwanoy Country Club in Bronxville, New York, in October that same year. Over 100 PGA Championship events, alongside thousands of other PGA events, have been held since then.

Golf betting started in the 19th century, and the emergence of the PGA was another opportunity for bettors to exercise their betting prowess. Thanks to the 700+ PGA events annually, bettors are spoilt for options.

Here at Bally Bet, we've ensured you have access to the best odds to wager on your favorite golf player. We also provide general golf betting advice as well as insights into the best betting markets for you to place your PGA bets.

Popular Types of PGA Bets

You'll find a wide range of PGA bets when you join Bally Bet. We're going to dive into some of these right now, so you know what to look out for whenever you fire up our sportsbook.


The PGA is like other golf events where you bet on which golf player you think will win a tournament. The odds for this betting type are usually high because it can be quite difficult to predict which player will win.

Knowing how to read odds will help you understand which players are favorites or underdogs. You will usually find the favorites accompanied by negative odds and a minus sign (-) and the underdogs with positive odds and a plus sign (+). The favorite to win a golf competition may also be shown with a plus sign, but they will have the lowest odds value among the odds provided. The greater the number, the further away the player is from being a favorite.

For instance, you can back Player A with an odds of -100 to win the next PGA Championship or Player B with an odds of +700 to win the U.S. Open. Bettors may also bet on whether the U.S. team will beat the European team in the Ryder Cup.

Head to Head

Also known as Golf Match Bet, if you have a strong opinion about a specific player, this betting market is for you. You will bet on a specific player finishing ahead of another in a tournament or a round. Bettors will bet on which player will finish highest between the two players.

For instance, you bet on a 5th-ranked player with an odds of -200 to finish ahead of a player ranked 20th in the fourth round of the Genesis Invitational event.

Each-Way Bet

With an each-way bet, you place two bets in one. This is referred to as a "win bet" and a "place bet." The main idea is that you get a payout if the player you back meets the criteria of any of the two bets.

For example, you can back a 10th-ranked player to win the Masters Tournament or finish in the top five with odds of +500. Your bet will be successful if the player wins the tournament. You'll also get a payout if he finishes in the top five.

Group Betting

Books sometimes group a set of players together and provide odds for bettors to choose who will finish highest in that group. This type of bet offers more opportunities for a payout, and the odds are usually competitive.

For example, a sportsbook could place Player A, Player B, Player C, Player D, and Player E in a group competing in the PGA Championship. You'll need to pick which of them will finish highest with an odds of +850.

Top Nationality Bets

Sometimes, you can introduce patriotism to our betting markets. With Top Nationality bets, you choose the player that you think will finish the highest from a particular country in a tournament.

The odds here are considerably high, and it reduces the pool of players you will need to choose from.

Betting on the Cut

For every major PGA tournament, a cut is enforced after every two days of the tournament. The lower half of the field is eliminated to reduce the number of challengers. The upper half is said to have made the cut, while the lower half has missed the cut. You could bet on whether a player will make or miss the cut.

If you want to bet on this market, you will find the options "Yes" and "No" attached to each player with different odds.

For example, you choose "Yes" with odds of +1200 on a player ranked 30th to make the cut in the Genesis Invitational event. The odds indicate that this player is an underdog to make the cut.

First Round Leader

With the First Round Leader bet, you wager on which player will finish the first day of the tournament at the top of the leaderboard. This has nothing to do with whether the player eventually finishes top at the end of the tournament. Your bet gets settled after the first day of the event.

For example, you bet on Player A with odds of -300 to finish top of the leaderboard after the first round of the Open Championship. The odds show that the player is one of the favorites to finish top of the leaderboard.

Top Finishes

If you aren't sure whether the player you want to back will win the tournament, you could place a Top Five, Top 10, or Top 20-finish bet instead. With these bets, you wager on your player to finish in any of the top positions. The odds are slightly lower than those on the moneyline market, since this is a bit easier to predict.

For example, you could wager on a 2nd-ranked player to finish in the top 10 positions of the Korn Ferry Tour. This player may have odds of -225, indicating they are one of the favorites to finish top 10.

Hole-in-One Bet

The odds for this bet are usually high because it can be difficult for players to match up. For this one, you'll bet on any player to land the ball in the hole straight from the tee in one shot. The plus side of this bet is that you don't have to choose a particular player to hit the shot.

For example, you choose "Yes" or "No" to indicate if there'll be a hole in one during the PGA Championship tournament.

Apart from the betting markets listed above, we also offer the best golf bets on other markets like props or special betting. You might want to bet on the lowest round score, where you choose who wins a round. Or you might want to play golf spread betting and "vs. the field." For a "vs. the field" bet, you bet on a particular player not to win. You win your bet as long as that specific player doesn't win the tournament.

We provide odds for the betting markets we've outlined above. Whether you're after pre-tournament or live betting, we have plenty of options available for you. And with over 700 PGA tournaments yearly, you won't run out of betting choices any time soon.

Tips for Betting on the PGA

PGA betting is different from other sports because of the peculiarity of the league's markets. To help you get the best returns on your bets, check out the golf betting advice we provide below.

Get acquainted with golf

Our first piece of golf betting advice is to get to know the sport itself. Golf is unlike other sports where participants aim to score as many points or goals as possible. Instead, for golf, the reverse is the case. The lower a player's total score, the higher their place on the leaderboard. Other peculiar rules are available, and you must be familiar with various golf betting terms before placing your bet.

Stay updated and informed

The next thing you want to do before placing a PGA bet is get updates about your favorite players. Read the latest news, join golf forums, watch tournaments, and follow golf social media pages for golf betting tips and insights.

By staying informed, you become aware of a player's form and fitness. Knowing a player's history in the same event may also help. You can find out if some players perform better on certain courses as well. This helps you to understand trends so that you can make better betting choices.

Manage your bankroll

We understand the excitement of wanting to bet on your favorite player. This should never distract you from managing your bankroll efficiently. We advise you to set a budget to avoid going overboard. Only wager what you can afford to lose, and don't chase your losses.

Keep an eye on playing conditions

Weather conditions play an important part in making successful PGA bets. The weather conditions can affect the game, which in turn can affect your wagers.

For instance, air temperature affects the ball's flight, and the ball flies farther in dry and warm conditions. A wet course may also affect the ball, as pieces of debris can get stuck to it. Swinging the club through wet grass may also prove challenging.

Wind can also play a big part in golf. Depending on its speed, gusts can sometimes change the ball's direction.

A Little Bit of PGA History

The PGA was founded in 1916 by a group of golf professionals and other amateur golf players. The first PGA event, the PGA Championship, was held the same year. Over 100 years later, more than 700 PGA tournaments are held annually across different levels. Events are held at the local pro-am level, the national final level, and the international level.

The PGA organizes four major golf tournaments annually: The Masters Tournament is held in April, the PGA Championship in May, the U.S. Open in June, and the Open Championship in July. The PGA also collaborates with Great Britain to organize the Ryder Cup every two years.

PGA Betting vs. College Golf Betting

College golf betting differs slightly from PGA betting due to the difference in both games. With college golf, you will most time bet on college teams instead of individual players. Each college team consists of 5 players. There could also be unaffiliated golfers competing for individual championships, especially those whose college didn't make the cut.

A college golf event is made up of five rounds, with the individual players being crowned in the fourth round. Only eight college teams proceed to a final round, and they compete in a bracket’s three rounds. Note that the NCAA golf tournaments adopt both stroke play and match play scoring, with stroke play in the first four rounds and match play in the final round.

You'll need to consider all of these factors before placing your bets on college golf games.

Popular Questions About PGA Betting

You can do that with Bally Bet Sportsbook! Our platform is currently accessible to those in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, New York, Ohio, and Virginia — with more states on the way soon.

PGA players can bet on other sports except for professional golf events.

With PGA public betting, you get to see the percentage of PGA bets being wagered. Public betting also indicates how much bettors are betting on a particular player in an event.

There are usually no PGA preseason games. But don't worry. There are often betting odds and markets available ahead of the regular season for you to consider.

A PGA parlay bet lets you make multiple selections in a single bet. This could include betting on different betting markets in a golf event or combining different golf events.