With so many offers, reward programs, and loyalty schemes available at most leading online casinos and sportsbooks, it’s no surprise that it might feel overwhelming choosing one.

Taking some time to understand what each type of promotion is really offering makes sense, as it will allow you to make more informed decisions.

Read on to find explanations for some of the most popular promotions that online casinos and sportsbooks have to offer.


Welcome offers, also known as sign-up offers, are extremely popular ways for online casinos and sportsbooks to show their appreciation to new players.

The sign-up bonus process for most online casinos and sportsbooks consists of filling out basic personal information to verify your identity, followed by placing your first deposit. However, sign-up bonuses vary depending on the casino or sportsbook.

Some casinos may offer you Free Spins for signing up, while other casinos and sportsbooks will offer cash back, up to a certain amount.

Deposit Match or Bet Match offers are also common, where a casino or sportsbook will match your deposit up to a certain amount. For example, if you deposit $100, the casino or sportsbook would match it with an additional $100 for a grand total of $200 in playable funds.

Keep in mind that these Deposit Match or Bet Match welcome offers may not be fully cashable, meaning the bonus funds can’t be withdrawn as cash.


While some sportsbooks are only focused on acquiring as many new customers as possible, others are aware that existing customers deserve recognition for their ongoing loyalty.

This is where reward programs come in.

A casino’s or sportsbook’s reward program is usually available as soon as you sign up and start placing bets. Most reward programs work on a point-based system: The more regularly you place bets, the more points you receive.

That’s the case for Bally Rewards, our own reward program that gives you the chance to earn Bally Bucks as you play your favorite casino games.

Bally Bucks can supplement your online wallet to make your money go further. You can use accumulated Bally Bucks to claim various rewards, from Bonus Money to exclusive partner offers!


VIP programs have been a valued and sought-after feature of the casino space for a while — and for good reason.

From cruises to hotel stays and everything in between, you can receive first-class perks and prizes when you achieve VIP status.

Depending on the casino or sportsbook, you can expect invites to sporting events, access to exclusive promotions, birthday credits, and your own dedicated account manager. And with Bally VIP, you can look forward to VIP-only bonuses, exclusive event invites, and much more. You’ll be feeling like a high-flyer in no time.

If a sportsbook is attached to a casino with physical locations, you might also be able to receive discounts and priority treatment on dining and entertainment when you visit.

For example, with Bally VIP, you can receive a casino hotel room upgrade when you stay at one of our hotels — along with complimentary dinners and more.

Like Bally VIP, you’ll often find that VIP programs have a tier system in place: The more points you accrue through your bets, the further you climb up the tier’s ladder — with the associated rewards and opportunities improving as you do so.

It’s also common for the highest tier of a rewards program to be invite-only, meaning its benefits are reserved for a smaller, select group of players.


Apps that offer a streaming service make it a breeze to keep an eye on your bets in real time.

On the Bally Bet Sportsbook app, you can watch a live game wherever you have internet connection, so you don’t have to miss out on any excitement while you’re away from home.


Share the love!

Straightforward and rewarding, Refer-a-Friend promotions are excellent ways to share the thrills with your closest pals.

Upon registering with a casino or sportsbook, you’ll usually receive an invite link or referral code that you can share with whoever you’d like. After they register with your referral code or link and meet the eligibility requirements, one or both parties will receive a bonus.

To claim a Refer-a-Friend bonus at Bally Casino, all your friend needs to do is enter your username or email address into the “Referred by a Friend” field when they sign up with us, and then deposit and wager at least $10 or more. Your friend will then receive $10 in Bonus Money, and you’ll receive $50 in Bonus Money!


While it may not be a promotion in the traditional sense of the word, Cash Out features are becoming increasingly popular in the sportsbook space.

With Cash Out, you can receive a payout earlier than normal, before a sporting event is even over.

Why would you want to receive a payout early?

  • If your bet looks like it has a strong chance of winning, you can cash out early and receive some early profits.
  • If you’ve placed a bet on a ticket that looks unlikely to come good, you can cash out to avoid forfeiting the whole wager.

In the first instance, it’s about making the most of a payout. In the second, it’s more about cutting losses.

However, the Cash Out feature is only available on certain bets.

  • For single-game bets, you’ll need to select the Cash Out feature before the end of an event.
  • For parlay bets, you’ll need to choose Cash Out before the last game ends.
  • For futures bets, you can choose the Cash Out feature until wagers are no longer accepted for that event.

The Cash Out feature is a great way to lower risk when wagering. Whether you’re new to sports betting or simply want to play it safe, it could just be the perfect tool for you.


Daily Free Games are steadily making their way into the casino and sportsbook space.

As the name suggests, you can play these games once a day at no cost for your chance to win a prize.

At Bally Casino, for example, we offer two exclusive Daily Free Games: Search for the Phoenix and Tiki’s Catch of the Day.

You can try your luck daily on either of these games and, if you win, you’ll receive Free Spins that you can then use on each game’s real-money equivalents: Secrets of the Phoenix and Tiki Island.

But that’s not all. You can play the two monthly versions of these games on the last day of the month — Search for the Phoenix Special and Tiki’s Catch of the Month — for even more chances to win.

While you typically have to make a one-time deposit before you can play these games, they will almost always be free to play after making your first deposit.

Thanks to the rapid progress online casino and sportsbooks are making, operators are regularly looking for new and exciting ways to provide Daily Free Games with varying themes.