Please note: These Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions (the “Standard Promotional T&Cs”) were last updated on August 16, 2023, and are effective from August 16, 2023.

1. Bonus Types: From time to time, we may offer certain promotional offers, bonuses or rewards (“Bonuses”) as part of various promotions and competitions on the on the Bally Bet Platform, including the following:

a. Cash Bonus – unconstrained money credited to your Patron account as a reward granted based on qualifying criteria determined in our sole discretion;

b. Bonus Money – money released into your Patron account that is available for Wager but is constrained by a playthrough wagering requirement to Wager dollar for dollar the value of the Bonus at least five (5) times through before it becomes available for withdrawal as Cash. The number of times the Bonus Money has to be Wagered will be set out in the Specific Promotional T&Cs. For example, where the Specific Promotional T&Cs required the Bonus Money to be Wagered one (1) time, if a Patron has earned $1.00 of Bonus Money and wants to place a $10.00 Wager, the $1.00 in Bonus Money will be applied to the Wager first with the remaining $9.00 funded from the Patron's account; 

c. Bonus Offer – an incentive other than a Free Bet that is offered to Patrons who meet the requirements necessary to participate in a promotion we may offer; and 

d. Free Bet – a promotional offer entitling you to place a Wager without prior deduction of the stake from your account balance. This may be awarded as a non-withdrawable token that may be used to place such a Wager. 

2. Bonus Credits: We strive to credit Bonuses and winnings from Bonuses to your Patron account within 24 hours and, in any case, within 72 hours of the relevant Wager being settled. 

3. Free Bets: The following standard terms and conditions shall apply to all Free Bets unless otherwise set out in any relevant Specific Promotional T&Cs. Free Bets: 

a. must be used within 7 days of being credited to your Patron account, otherwise will expire and be removed from your Patron account. 

b. may only be used to place a Wager of the same value as the applicable Free Bet;

c. may only be used to place a Wager at minimum odds of -300 or greater; 

d. cannot be used to claim any Bonus (including any Free Bet);

e. may only be used one at a time;

f. may be required to be Wagered on one (1) or more specific Events as set out in any relevant Specific Promotional T&Cs; 

g. cannot be withdrawn as cash; 

h. are non-transferable and there is no cash alternative; and

i. will not be returned as a stake on a winning Free Bet, and only the winnings from the Free Bet will be credited to your account.

4. Expiration of Bonuses

a. Unless specified otherwise in any applicable Specific Promotional T&Cs or other rules, Bonuses must be claimed within 7 calendar days of notification and, once claimed, will expire if not used in full within 7 calendar days. Bonuses cannot be reinstated once expired. 

b. Bonuses and any winnings derived therefrom, which have not been converted to Cash, may be forfeited: (a) when a new Bonus is accepted; (b) upon withdrawal of all or any portion of a Cash balance; (c) under other circumstances that may be identified in any applicable Specific Promotional T&Cs or other rules.

5. No transfer: Bonus Money and Free Bets have no Cash value, cannot be transferred or withdrawn and are non-negotiable. 

6. No withdrawal: Bonuses are for Wagering purposes only and cannot be withdrawn unless they have been rewarded as, or converted to, Cash. 

7. Depositing: You can make a deposit using your own funds into your Patron account and add to that deposit at any time without affecting Bonus Money. All deposits are added as unconstrained funds. Depositing money into a Patron account does not expire a Bonus or extend a Bonus Offer. 

8. General: 

a. You must have a valid Patron account and be located in the Authorized Gaming Jurisdiction to Wager any Bonus. 

b. All Bonuses are available at our discretion

i. We reserve the right to restrict the availability of any Bonus to any Patron, including by changing or cancelling a Bonus or a relevant offer, promotion or competition at any time and for any reason. All decisions are final and binding in all respects. Any such restriction will not impact Patrons who have already qualified for a Bonus or have already started placing Wagers to qualify for a Bonus or using a Bonus.

ii. Some Bonuses may be available to certain Patrons only based upon qualifying events as determined by us. For example (but without limitation), some Bonuses will be made available to: (i) the specific invitee and/or recipient of an offer; (ii) new Patrons only; (iii) Patrons who have never made a deposit; (iv) Patrons that have met certain playthrough wagering requirements; or (v) Patrons that have met any other criteria that is applicable to Bonus Offers that we may make available in our sole discretion to select Patrons. We will be the sole judge of eligibility and all disputes will be resolved in our sole discretion.

iii. In the event a Patron’s Wagering limits are lowered, whether in accordance with our Sports House Rules, our General Terms and Conditions or otherwise, that Patron will not qualify for any Bonus for such period as determined in our sole discretion. 

c. Void Bonuses: We reserve the right to withdraw, amend and/or void any Bonus if necessary as a result of a change in Applicable Law, if required to do so by a Regulator, or in the case of a Malfunction. 

d. Malfunctions: We are not liable for Bonuses improperly awarded in the event of a Malfunction or otherwise. 

e. Any Patron who is self-excluded will not be eligible to receive a Bonus. Players who self-exclude: (i) during the course of placing a Wager which is eligible for a Bonus; or (ii) after a Wager that is eligible for a Bonus has been placed but before any Bonus has been credited (whether as cash or as Free Bets) will not be eligible to receive their Bonus (whether as cash or as Free Bets) or any winnings from such Bonus. Any Bonus received prior to self-exclusion will expire upon self-exclusion. 

f. A Prohibited Person may not participate in a Bonus, and any Bonus credited to a Prohibited Person will be voided.

g. No Multiple Accounts: Unless specified otherwise, Bonuses only allow participation once by each Patron. In respect of such Bonuses, if we detect that any Patron has created more than one (1) Patron account (including in order to take part in a Bonus multiple times in breach of these Standard Promotional T&Cs) or is claiming (or taking part in) a Bonus for the benefit of a group of people, we shall be entitled to close any such Patron accounts and void any Bonus, Wager, related winnings and/or pending refunds.

h. In the event that we believe a Patron is abusing or attempting to abuse or otherwise taking unfair advantage of a promotion, competition or Bonus, or is likely to benefit through abuse or lack of good faith, then we may in our sole discretion: deny, withhold or withdraw from any Patron any offer, promotion, competition, Bonus or other offer; rescind any term, condition, rule or policy with respect to that Patron; either temporarily or permanently suspend that Patron’s access to the Services; and/or close that Patron’s account.

i. Any and all applicable taxes, fees or other charges are the responsibility of the Patron. 

j. Specific Promotional T&Cs may apply: Some Bonuses may be offered to you on a complimentary basis, whereas eligibility for some Bonuses will require you to complete certain actions on the Bally Bet Platform (for example by placing a minimum Wager on a particular Event). If Specific Promotional T&Cs apply to such Bonuses, these will be made available to you at the relevant time and you should read these Specific Promotional T&Cs in combination with these Standard Promotional T&Cs. By accepting any Bonus, you agree to be bound by these Standard Promotional T&Cs and any Specific Promotional T&Cs made available to you before or on upon accepting a Bonus. In the event of any conflict between these Standard Promotional T&Cs and any Specific Promotional T&Cs, the Specific Promotional T&Cs will take precedence. 

k. General Terms and Conditions apply: These Standard Promotional T&Cs are subject to and incorporate the General Terms and Conditions, which constitute an integral part of these Standard Promotional T&Cs. You must comply with the General Terms and Conditions at all times. Failure to comply with the General Terms and Conditions may render any Bonus offered or credited to you as void. 

l. Any terms not defined in these Standard Promotional T&Cs shall be given the same meaning as set out in the General Terms and Conditions.