We are all about having fun here at Bally Bet – and we want to keep it that way.

It is important to remember that you should only bet what you can afford and always set sensible limits for yourself. If you would like to talk at any time, just contact our Customer Support Team and we will do everything we can to help.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800-9-WITH-IT. You can also visit www.indianagamblinghelp.com for more resources. 

You can close your account at any time by contacting our Customer Support team by email at support@in.ballybet.com or on live chat with the username or registered email details of your Patron account.


We want our patrons at Bally Bet to enjoy their favorite events and to wager responsibly. For some, however, gambling can become a problem. Look at the information below – it is important, especially if you are recovering from any form of dependency. 

Always establish sensible limits for depositing, wagering and losses before you start playing.

Remember to take frequent breaks while gambling, too.

Do not gamble if it interferes with your daily responsibilities.

Do not gamble if you are in recovery for any dependency or are under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.

Do not gamble if your primary aim is to recover losses – and remember to bet with your head, not over it.


At Bally Bet, we give you the power to control how you play. We have some handy tools to help you spend your time and money wisely.

Deposit Limits - You can set daily, weekly, and/or monthly limits on the amount you deposit into your account.

Spending Limits - You can set daily, weekly, and/or monthly limits on the amount you spend from your account.

Daily Maximum Playing Time Limits – You can set a time limit for the maximum amount of time you are able to place wagers or deposit funds. Once your limit is hit, you will not be able to place wagers or deposit funds but will still have access to your account to view any outstanding wagers, manage your account or request withdrawals. The Daily Maximum Playing Time Limit resets each day at midnight. 

What we can do to help you:

View Your History - You can view your recent deposit, wagering and withdrawal transactions in the My Account section of the Bally Bet platform.

Account Cool Off – Need a break? You can Cool Off from the Bally Bet platform at any time. You will not be able to log into your account during this time.

Talk to Professionally Trained Staff - Our Bally Bet Customer Support staff are trained to be aware of all gambling problems. They are available to offer free help, advice, and support whenever you need.


Indiana State-wide Internet Self-Restriction Program - The Indiana Internet Self-Restriction Program (ISRP) enables individuals to request to be barred from participating in licensed mobile sports wagering in Indiana. You can sign up by visiting the ISRP’s website at: www.in.gov/igc/internet-self-restriction-program


There are many organizations that can provide help and support to individuals who develop a problem with gambling. If you feel that you may have a problem controlling your gambling, we strongly recommend that you contact one of the following professional organizations for help and guidance.

International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG) - a global organization exclusively devoted to funding research to help increase understanding of pathological and underage gambling. They are committed to finding effective methods of treatment for these disorders.

Gamblers Anonymous - Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship of people who have joined together to share their experiences, try and solve their common problems, and thereby help others to recover from gambling problems. 

If you wish to refrain from gambling, we strongly advise you to install gambling website blocking software such as GamBlock or BetFilter. Please visit www.gamblock.com or www.betfilter.com.


 If you are concerned that gambling may be playing a significant part in your life, then the following questions may help you find out:

  • Do you stay away from work to gamble?
  • Do you gamble to escape from a boring or unhappy life?
  • When you are gambling and you run out of money, do you feel lost or empty and in despair or as if you need to gamble again as soon as possible?
  • Do you gamble until your last dollar is gone?
  • Have you ever lied to cover up the amount of money or time you spend gambling?
  • Have others ever criticized or made comments about your gambling?
  • Have you lied, stolen, or borrowed just to get money to gamble or pay gambling debts?
  • Are you reluctant to spend 'gambling money' on anything else?
  • Have you lost interest in your family, friends, or hobbies?
  • After losing, do you feel you must try and win back your losses as soon as possible?
  • Do arguments, frustrations, or disappointments make you want to gamble?
  • Do you feel depressed or even suicidal because of your gambling?

 The more you answer 'yes' to these questions, the more likely you are to have a serious gambling problem.


Underage gambling is illegal. It is a criminal offense for anyone under the age of twenty-one to open an account and gamble. You must be at least 21 years old to register an online account with Bally Bet and wager on events.

To ensure that minors do not play, we require all members to confirm their name, address, social security number, and date of birth during the account registration process. We perform an electronic verification using a third-party data reference company to validate the age and identity of all members. This is a not a credit check, it simply helps confirm your identity. Your account registration will not be activated unless your date of birth and identity details have been confirmed and verified.

Gambling under the age of 21 years old or facilitating someone under the age of 21 years old to gamble is a criminal offense. For anyone found to be under the age of 21 years old, all bets placed will become null and void and any winnings forfeited. Other legal ramifications may also apply.


 Patrons must not allow anyone else to access or use their account. You must not allow minors to access the Bally Bet platform. 

If you share your device with friends or family who are under the legal age to register and place wagers on the Bally Bet platform, you can use these third party applications which offer parents and guardians a way to monitor and restrict the use of the computer's access to the Internet: www.fosi.org/icra, www.netnanny.com or www.cyberpatrol.com


You can update your password by going through the Forgotten Password flow. If you need further help remembering your account access details, contact our Customer Support Team for assistance.

You are entirely responsible for all activities that occur under your account. Your account is for your sole personal use only and if we have been correctly supplied with the account information requested, we are entitled to assume that all payment and wagering transactions are made by you. 


Bally Bet takes the privacy of your personal information very seriously and employs industry-standard practices to safeguard your personal information. When using your account, there are also some best practices you can follow to maximize the security of your account. You can read more information about how we keep your personal data safe in the General Terms and Conditions. We have procedures to deal with suspected security incidents and we will notify you or any relevant regulatory where we are legally required to do so.

Although the nature of the internet means that transmission of information may not be totally secured, we have deployed measures to encrypt data in transit through Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect your personal information when you use the Bally Bet platform. 

As part of keeping your account details secure, we strongly recommend that you keep your account login information secret. Your username and password should not be shared with anyone, as they can be used to access your account with your permission. We recommend you do not leave your account logged in unsupervised. Here are a few more tips to keep your personal data safe:

  • Always use a strong password
  • Avoid reusing passwords (use of password managers is recommended)
  • Do not share your online account details with anyone, even family members
  • Do not leave your device unattended and always use the auto lock feature
  • Do not share your personal financial or banking information with anyone
  • Never send your password over email
  • Avoid phishing scams. Do not click on links in suspicious email messages, and do not provide personal information on any website you are not certain is legitimate
  • If you suspect that someone knows your online account username and password, change your account password immediately in My Account – Manage Details. If you need additional help, contact our Customer Support Team for assistance.

If you no longer use the email address associated with your online account, be sure to update your account details with a current email address.


Your wagering experience is important to us, and we want you to be entirely satisfied with the service you receive from us. We aim to always provide the best service to you. However, should we fail to meet your expectations in some way, we want the opportunity to address your concerns as quickly as we can.


If at any time you would like to register a complaint, you can contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by Live Chat or by emailing support@in.ballybet.com. Our trained and experienced staff will be happy to help. We will investigate each complaint and provide a response to you within ten (10) business days. 


Bally Bet is made available and operated by Bally’s Interactive, LLC, d/b/a Bally Bet (referred to as “Bally Bet”), which is a Delaware limited liability company. Bally Bet is licensed and regulated by the Indiana Gaming Commission (“IGC”) pursuant to Sports Wagering Vendor license issued in accordance with Indiana Code section 4-38 and 68 Indiana Administrative Code section 27, and is responsible for the management and control of sports wagering operations for the purposes of operating and offering real-money Internet-based, mobile application-based and/or retail-based sports wagering services via the Bally Bet Platform in Indiana. 

As a Sports Wagering Vendor (“Vendor”), Bally Bet acts on behalf of and under agreement with Bally’s Casino Evansville (Aztar Indiana Gaming Company, LLC), as a Sports Wagering Certificate of Authority Holder, in accordance with IC 4-38 and 68 IAC 27. Bally Bet complies with the laws of the state of Indiana and the regulations of the IGC, as well as all other applicable laws and regulations. Patrons must be physically located in the State of Indiana to participate in event wagering on the Bally Bet platform. 



The General Terms and Conditions and Sports House Rules that govern your use of the Bally Bet platform are clearly published and made available on the Bally Bet platform’s home page and during the account registration process. Please read the General Terms and Conditions and Sports House Rules carefully before using the Bally Bet platform. By accepting the terms and conditions, you signify your agreement to be bound by these terms and you understand and agree to us using your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you do not accept these terms, you will not be permitted to use the Bally Bet platform. We recommend that you print and save a copy of the General Terms and Conditions, the Sports House Rules and our Privacy Policy for your records, which you can access from the links provided. If you have any questions or would like to request a copy of our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy, please contact out Customer Support Team.

Deposit Limit

We can keep an eye on your deposits, so you do not have to. Set a daily, weekly, or monthly limit for your account, and we will tell you when you have reached it.

If you would like to set a deposit limit for this account, you can do this below.

Spend Limit

We can keep an eye on your spend. Set a daily, weekly and/or monthly limit for your account, and we will tell you when you have reached it.

If you would like to set a spend limit for this account, you can do this below.

Daily Maximum Playing Time Limit

We can keep an eye on your time spent playing. Set a time limit for the maximum amount of time you can place wagers or deposit funds and we will tell you when you have reached it. 

If you would like to set a daily maximum playing time limit, you can do this below. 

Account Cool Off

You can take a break from your account at any time for a period up to 28 days (minimum of 72 hours) Simply use the drop-down boxes below to select how long you want it to last. Your account break will end automatically after the last day of the time period you selected.

If you decide to take a permanent break from the site, then please read our self-exclusion section.

Getting Further Help

Account Self Exclusion

Indiana State-wide Internet Self-Exclusion Restriction Program - The Indiana Internet Self-Restriction Program (ISRP) enables individuals to request to be barred from participating in licensed mobile sports wagering in Indiana. You can sign up by visiting the ISRP’s website at: www.in.gov/igc/internet-self-restriction-program

Bally's Self-Exclusion Plan

You may request to voluntarily exclude access to your online account by contacting us via Live Chat or phone Toll free – 888-897-0320.

If you choose to self-exclude with us, then your Bally account will be closed and you will be removed from all Bally mailing lists. It is not possible to re-open your account and make deposit or withdrawal transactions under any circumstances while you have self-excluded.

By enrolling on our self-exclusion program for 1 year, 5 years or permanently, you will be excluded from all betting activities, and any activities that may, in the future, be offered by Bally.

Your self-exclusion request is irrevocable for the time period you have selected regardless of any change in your personal circumstances. Please remember it is your responsibility to refrain from the above activities for this time period.

You will not be contacted when the time period of your self-exclusion has expired.

To obtain any funds remaining in your account, which we can pay by check, or for any questions regarding self-exclusion, please contact our customer support team at support@in.ballybet.com.

What Other Help Is Available?

You can visit the IGC’s Indiana Gambling Hotline page for additional help by clicking on: https://www.in.gov/igc/problemgamblinghelp/. You can also visit the website for the Indiana Council on Problem Gambling by clicking on: https://indianaproblemgambling.org/